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Gueridon in Scagliola

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Hauteur : 76 cm
Diamètre : 86 cm
Height : 76 cm
Diameter : 86 cm
Époque Period
Epoque début XIXème (19ème)
Réf : M_1115-1
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Pedestal in Scagliola representing a settlement with forest river bridge and dwellings animated by a villager carrying a bundle of wood and in the distance other characters. On the edge of the river near a house we can also distinguish two fishermen. A notion of perspective is brought by the representation of the forest. The outer belt of the plateau is beautifully decorated by a garland of oak leaves in autumnal tones, autumn tones recalled in the garland of pearls encircling the central painting. The whole being carried by a tripod foot out of blackened wood. The scagliola is an antique process based on quartz powder in the Tuscan fashion in the 17th century evoking marble marquetry. This process allowed to combine incrsutations and paintings to realize works more than the marble. Dimensions: D86cm H76cm Period early 19th century

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