"Hunting Day In Courre Jp Pinchon"

- Set of 4 oils on painted canvas depicting a day of hunting including the departure of the property with huntsman and dogs in the lead, the passage of the bridge in the Normandy boccage with dogs leading the game, the escape of the deer through the pond and finally a pic nic champêtre.


The set is signed JP Pinchon for Joseph Porphyre 1871-1953 student of Fernand Cormon and Albert Bernard. He turned to illustration and created the character of becassine in 1905 for the little illustrated newspaper of the youth. It is part of the Circle of Mortigny, founded by Dimitri d'Osnobichine, in 1908 with including Bernard Boutet de Monvel

Total dimensions: Length 5,20cm H149cm Per panel: H143cm L165cm / H145cm W185cm / H149cm L78cm / H149cm W92cm

Period: First part of the 20th century

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